Christ Covenant Deliverance Ministry (CCDM) is an ecumenical denomination founded in the Agege area of Lagos, Nigeria in 2019. It was founded by the seasoned man of God, Venerable Tunde Bamigboye and his lovely wife, Lady Evangelist Oriyomi Bamigboye (nee Adeyemi). Being an African church priest functioning in various capacities common in some Pentecostal churches, he has brought The African Church into a season of revival; therefore, the church is termed a “Pente-orthodox” church.
The ministry has been saddled with pure deliverance and prayer reins as a liberation project for God’s kingdom. Unlike other Pentecostal, charismatic and African ministries, CCDM flies the flag of deliverance and prayers against battles and demonic attacks. With the support of his family, and the prayer team, the leadership of the ministry through divine inspiration birthed a world-wide deliverance program and mobile church -Wakati Itusile. Wakati Itusile, under the umbrella of CCDM, has become a brand name that has come to stay. It gained its popularity through all communicable media platforms, with subscribers in huge numbers on all social media platforms testifying to fire prayers and prayer water (omi adura).

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