Family Life's Academy


The Family Life Academy is specially packaged by the Holy Spirit through our Father in the Lord, Pastor Wole Oladiyun for those who want to start and maintain good marital foundation and enjoy bliss in their marriage and home.


  • A man and a woman of marriageable age
  • Intending couple with strong and compatible convictions to become husband and wife
  • Intending Couple with readiness to marry
  • Intending Couple who wants to build their marriage on Godly foundation.


  • Be of Marriageable Age
  • Have Strong and Compatible Convictions
  • Complete Readiness to Marry
  • Intending Couple must be Male and Female


Family Life Academy comes 3 times in a year, the FLA Months are for now are:

  • February
  • June
  • November

At the commencement of the February Diet which is the first for the year. The Senior Pastor prays and anoints the Facilitators to launch them out for the year.


Announcement for registration starts two Months before each diet, except February Diet (Due to activities in December, announcement starts in January)

Interested persons are to submit their letters of application at the Family Life Office.


Intending couples are to submit their application letter consisting of the following:

  • Home Address
  • Introduction of the applicant (Name, state, church, department, place of work etc)
  • Introduction of the applicant’s Intended (Name, state, church, department, place of work etc)
  • Name, Signature & Phone Number

Once we have a sizable number (4-5 intending couples), the letters are sent to the Senior Pastor with a cover letter for prayer guide, approval and further counsel

Facilitators are informed about the commencement of FLA and they provide the secretariat with the date and time convenient for them.

Time Table is prepared and given to each facilitator a week to the FLA

Sunday before the commencement of each Academy. All facilitators converge at the Registry for prayer session and review of previous operations with the Director of Family Life.

Attendance sheet is also prepared for each course, the students are expected to sign in and sign out each day throughout the FLA.


The first day of each diet starts with the inauguration service and opening declaration

Programme for Inauguration service is prepared and sent to the Head of Pastorate for adequate preparation.

The Registrar welcomes students into the Academy, spells out the rules of operations, and introduces them to the school environment.

After the inauguration service, the interview for the intending couples is conducted by members of the Marriage committee (MC) after which the folders are handed over to them and they are welcomed


The Ministry has the license to conduct Wedding solemnization which is renewed annually at the Ikoyi Registry.

Every intended couple must go through the Family Life Academy together, complete the entire syllabus and be certified.

Banns Of Marriage (3 Sundays) and Introduction to the Congregation must take place

Intending Couple are expected to attend The Marriage Registry (Preferably Ikoyi Registry as we are registered under them) to obtain Oath License popularly identified as FORM C

Intending Couples are to go through thorough Deliverance before Marriage

House Inspection of The House/Apartment owned or paid for by the Intended Groom. House Inspection should cover but not limited to the followings;

Authentic House Rent Receipt

Conducive Environment

Basic Amenities for Habitation

Evidence of no third party living or intended to live with The Couple for at least the first year

Not a Family House

Garment Inspection for The Bride. The Bridal Gown and that of the Bridal Train must be moderate and decent. No body and cleavage revealing.


All Intending Couples are to undergo a comprehensive medical checks and test before the start of FLA at the approved Hospital ( SOTERIA MATERNITY AND HOSPITAL)

Intended Bride is to go through Pregnancy Test the week of her Wedding.

No Pregnancy is allowed before going through FLA and before The Wedding

It is medically counseled that Intending Couples who are Genetically Challenged ( AS,C and SS) should not be married/wedded but where The Intending Couples are insisting, Both Families Of The Couples should be made aware and also a Letter Of Indemnity exonerating The Church should be written and signed by both Couples and Families. Also where any of the Couple is HIV/AIDS Positive, The Families should be made aware and a letter of indemnity written and signed should The Couple want to proceed with the Wedding.


There are two types of Wedding;

THE CHURCH WEDDING – This will involve a bigger congregation. It takes place only on second and third Saturday of every month as our first Saturday of the month is occupied by “O Lord Settle Me” Program and the forth or last Saturday of the month is occupied by The Weekend Deliverance.

THE PASTORATE – This is strictly for family members and The Officiating Ministers. It takes place on either a Thursday or Friday at 12noon.

The Intending Couple are to bring application letter of their proposed Wedding date to Family Life Secretariat at least 6-8 Weeks to the proposed date.( this period is to ensure that all due procedures are carried out ) The Secretariat will take into consideration all CLAM Programs before approval of the proposed date is granted.

Wedding Solemnization in CLAM is strictly for active members of CLAM.

Both or either one of The Intending Couple must be actively serving in a department. Parent(s) of Intending Couple who also is actively serving in a department is given concession for their Child/Ward to be wedded in CLAM.

Where a member of CLAM (male or female) is Solemnizing their Wedding out of CLAM, such member is expected to write to the Family Life Directorate notifying / carrying The Directorate along on each phase of the Marriage Preparation ( e.g the engagement, legal and Church Wedding). The Directorate will follow up among other things by ensuring that the Intending Couple carry out the mandatory medical checks and also demand for letter of character reference from the Church of the potential spouse.

For wedding ( The Church Wedding/The Pastorate Wedding ) to be Solemnize in CLAM, ALL Wedding Procedure MUST be adhered to.


All Intending Couple must be either gainfully employed or well established in business.

We expect Intending Couples to be financially transparent and as such we may demand the following but not limited to;

Pay Slip of at least twelve months prior to the Wedding

Personal Account Statement of at least twelve months prior to the Wedding

Business Account Statement of at least twelve months prior to the Wedding

Declared Assets

A Sum of three thousand naira is to be paid by the Intending Couple for their Wedding Certificate which will be issued by The Church.

Proverbs 11:9b

……but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.


Let the Journey Begin